Upcoming Events

Guest Chef Nights

We hold regular Guest chef nights, where we invite friends of the Greyfriar to come and sample some of the UK’s top chefs, as they wow us with their tasting menus. Guests so far have included; Saturday Kitchen regulars, Lawrence Keogh (The Wolseley, Roast restaurant etc) and Fernando Stovell (Stovells and Host of MasterChef Mexico), Master Chef Winner Jane Devonshire, Top London Indian Chef Saurav Nath (Benares, Gymkhana etc), as well as up and coming stars, such as Bradley Walford, Tom Haste etc.

Experimental Nights

From June 2021 we will also be hosting our own monthly experimental night, where we put together a cut price tasting menu of new dishes we would like to try on our a la   carte menu. It is a great opportunity to meet our chefs and help form the next chapter in our food journey.

Quiz Night

Every Sunday evening at 8pm, Simon hosts our weekly quiz. It is notoriously hard and there is a weekly cash prize for the winners, we also have a free drink round and there is a rollover jackpot which must be won at the end of each year (last years was £580.00).